Tuesday, 27 February 2018

#1 The Beginning - sort of

Hmm….how do I start, and what shall I write about my family? I am spoilt for choice, as I have two families I could write about!

Doris May (nee Donaldson) Fox

My birth family name is Fox, my mother was Doris May Donaldson, and my father was Arthur Fox; however, due to sad circumstances she was unable to look after me; and myself, along with my two elder sisters and brother, were fostered out.

At about three months of age, I went to live with Thomas Ritchie 
McGoram (Dad) and Jessie Flora Roberta (nee Rose) McGoram (Mum), in Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand, I lived with the McGoram family until I left home to be married in 1969. Tom and Flora were unable to have children of their own, and they adopted three children, John, Dorothy and Robyn, and fostered six of us, (Jim, Janet, Mags, Michael, Rose and Ian), who were not up for adoption. The nine of us lived with Mum and Dad until we either were married, or left home, to fend for  ourselves, as one did in those days. The McGoram family come from varied ethnic backgrounds, we see no difference, as this the only family we know.

Back L-R: James. John. Michael, Ian Gary Norman
Front: Rosemary (Rose) Sifa Norman. Dorothy. Janet.

Flora's 80th Birthday surprise. L-R: Jim. Rose. John. Dorothy. Janet. Ian
Front: Mum - Flora

James's 60th party: L-R: Mags. Ian. John. Rose. Janet. Jim.

Taken on Waiheke Island, Auckland. L-R: John. Mags.Ian. 

#2 My Favourite Photograph

My favourite photograph is of my Dad - Tom, (Thomas Ritchie McGoram), with two of his brothers, Uncle Davey (David Ritchie McGorum), and Uncle Ted, (Edward Ritchie McGoram), taken before (David & Edward), went to the First World War. 
L-R: Edward Ritchie McGoram. Thomas Ritchie McGoram. David Ritchie McGorum

Maybe you are wondering while Tom is not in a Defence Uniform? Tom had a hearing problem, and was classed as medically unfit to go to war, so instead, he remained in New Zealand and served in the Home Brigade. Uncle Davey was the eldest of the three brothers, (in this photo), and Uncle Ted, the younger.

Hmm….maybe you are also thinking, ‘Why are there different spellings for McGorAm/McGorUm?’ Well, when all the family were living is Scotland, the surname was spell as McGorUm, sometime after they moved to New Zealand, some of the family changed their surname to McGorAm, easy, peasy!

Monday, 26 February 2018

Busy little Vegemite

Well, I have been a very ‘busy little Vegemite’, (as we say here in Australia), since my first post !

What I have I been up to, you may ask? Here we go:
  • Joined a few Facebook Genealogy Groups.
  • Downloaded my Ancestry DNA to my PC.
  • Uploaded my DNA raw data to GEDmatch.com - still to go and find out if I have a few new Rellos! 
  • Signed up for the #52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge, via Amy Johnson Crow’s blog.
  • Drafted a few of my stories into preparation to upload to this blog.
I a SO getting into researching and growing my knowledge in relation to Genealogy and DNA, and I am finding it rather exciting.

Well, I better get my ‘A into G’, as I have SO much writing, researching and preparing of my blog posts to do....see you all later! 😘

#52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Overview

I have signed up for the #52 Ancestor Blogs, as started by Amy Johnson Crow. As I am a bit behind the rest of the group, I shall be publishing  a few posts out of numerical order to the suggested titles, I will catch up though! I am REALLY looking forward to preparing and writing about my family and ancestors, a soart of this challenge.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Family History bought to life!

I have been doing my McGoram - Ritchie - Rose & Scott Family tree; and Fox - Donaldson - Cassidy Family tree; for the past four years, and in earnest for the past two.

Over the years I have written many short stories, mainly to share with the younger members of the New Zealand, McGoram Family. The stories are written in a simple style, some with photographs, and it is my intention to share them via this Blog.

My sister, Isobel has been doing the Fox - Donaldson - Cassidy Family tree for many years, and has kindly shared much of the information she has obtained, with me. I am hoping, Isobel may like to provide me further information for this Blog.

In March 2018, I shall be attending a Congress on Genealogy in Sydney, and hope to learn more on how to search the backgrounds etc in my two families.